The Family Outdoorsman

From Merriam Webster Dictionary:

Definition of family man. : a man with a wife and children dependent on him; especially : a man devoted to his family

Definition of outdoorsman. : one who spends much time in the outdoors or in outdoor activities.

I am 31 years old, married to the love of my life, have two children (5 y/o boy 2 y/o girl), two dogs and three horses.  We all live on three and a quarter acres in the little town of Magnolia, TX (population 1,985) outside of Houston (population 2,300,000).  That second number, and my love for the outdoors, is exactly why my family moved to Magnolia.  I drive 52 miles to work (one-way) on a river of concrete just to be able to come home to my little piece of land, sit on my back patio and sip a beer while listening to the crickets.  I love to be outdoors.  I love to hunt, fish, camp and hike whenever I can.  My goal with this blog is to highlight my life as both a family man and an outdoorsman and the challenges that come with both.

One of the reasons I wanted to do this was because everywhere I look on both t.v. and the internet, I see hunters who appear to be constantly putting the time in harvesting wild game or adventurists going on outdoor expeditions with the best gear money can buy.  Now I use the word “appear” for a reason.  I have no doubt that most of these guys and girls have loved ones back home and probably even hold a 9 to 5, but we never see that.  How do they manage their family time and outdoors time?  How do they balance hunting expenditures (rifles, processing, taxidermy, gear, licenses, travel etc.) with a family budget?  How do they encourage loved ones to get involved in their lifestyle and enjoy it?  How do they introduce wild game into their family’s diet?  These topics (and hopefully a lot more) I am hoping to cover throughout this process.  I am hoping to not only; encourage people to get involved in the outdoors, but to provide some insight into how I navigate life as a family outdoorsman.

                                                                                             –  The Family Outdoorsman

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