An Impromptu Hike in Little Lake Creek Wilderness Area

I was sitting around the house and noticed that my entire family was still in pajamas at noon and we were all just watching tv.  Normally this isn’t a big deal on a rainy day, but I was itching to get outside. So I threw my boots on, wife got the kids dressed and I took the kids to Sam Houston National Forest. The wife had an excuse to stay, she had to go to a charity event later in the afternoon, but the kids and I had no excuse. I was sure my 5 year old could hang for a few miles through the forest, but the soon to be 3 year old girl might have trouble. So I just brought an old hiking pack to carry her in when she got tired. Overall we made it a little over 3 miles and the kids did great considering the rain. Can’t wait to do it again, the Sam Houston National Forest has a ton of trails.

We are out of here, rain can’t stop us from going hiking

Parker wanted to explain to me how to get over a “creek”

Kyler struggled getting over her “creek”

I love these two explorers

He just had to walk across a downed tree

Once she got tired it was time to go into the pack

Apparently it was comfortable enough to want to take a nap

I could hike all day with these two kids
Parker wanted to go that way

I think just so he could cross this creek

Once you cross the creek you start to enter the Wilderness Area
I told Parker that there was no way he could get his arms around that tree, he tried anyway

We had to run through every body of water we came to

Time to head back
Best way to hike is to have someone else carry you
We are almost done, they were still hanging in there, but we stopped for a selfie break
Done, a little over three miles later.  They did great.

We will definitely be going back to the Sam Houston National Forest this spring to hike some more.  The trails are really well established and it just feels great to get out of the house with my family.  Next time we will bring the wife along and she can help carry kids.  Next time you find you and your family sitting around you want to get outdoors, try the Sam Houston National Forest, it was really worth it.

-The Family Outdoorsman

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