What I learned at Sea World

This is a short one, but it is important to me nonetheless.  Recently I planned a camping trip for the family to a state park in Texas that ultimately got scrapped.  I’ll be honest with you, at first I was bummed out.  I have such a passion for the outdoors that I was eager to get in the forest and show it off to my family.  I had hikes planned, swimming in a spring fed lake lined up and a list of wildlife to photograph.  The weekend camping trip was replaced with a trip to Sea World in San Antonio.  Long lines, overpriced food and drinks, everyone glued to their cell phones and marine life entertaining us with flips and tricks.  I won’t say that I was dreading it, but at first I really didn’t think that it would be as fun as camping.

Then I looked at the amazement in my children’s eyes as they witnessed the beauty of marine life.  I saw their smiles at the exhilaration of riding a roller coaster for the first time.  They got to see Elmo and were introduced to Dippin Dots.  All of these firsts garnered the same reaction as when I first took them out into the woods to explore.  Their enthusiasm was contagious.  I started to realize that there is more to this natural world that I want them to experience than just hiking through the forest.  Sure I want them to hunt and fish with me, but my role as a father is to show them the world and let them find their own interests and paths in life.  As they say, “You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink”.

– The Family Outdoorsman

These two pictures are what I immediately thought of when it hit me that my kids have other experiences in this world they need to discover outside of your typical outdoors activities.  Every shape and sound in the forest had my kids interest peaked and it was no different at Sea World.  Their eyes are young and have not see all that things that I have.  Rather than showing them what I think is most interesting, I need to show them everything.


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